"It never gets any easier. You just go faster." ---Greg Lemond
"Don't buy upgrades. Ride up grades." --- Eddy Merckx
"You drive like shit." ---The Car Whisperer



For the lack of posts lately - I've had a bit of writer's block.

A constipation of my brain that was brought on by a lapse in judgment and the belated knowledge that really anybody can read what is written on this site. However, I am unable to make creative outlet private. I love sharing what I write immediately with the world: it's quickest way to the real me. Many times there is no filter between what triggers and fires my fingers over the keyboard and when I hit the post button. Why wait for some publisher to read and review and edit what I give you? Isn't the enjoyment and true fulfillment of the reader found in finding a raw piece of my brain? And now it is the guarded pose I must now take in order to claim my security in life that makes this outlet so much more important.

And will not cinch down the output one iota to satisfy the need of any soulless incorporation to keep things "appropriate."

"Appropriate" will kill you just like an intestinal blockage.

So up next, a bit of Ex-lax for the soul.

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