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Thursday Hate (Late)

Fuck these people.

Fructose is sweeter, more refined than cane or beet sugar. It's broken down by the body faster and therefore is stored as fat faster, if not used as glycogen for muscular activity almost immediately. And as we also know that much of the packaged-goods products containing high fructose corn syrup are not being consumed by people fond of exercise.

I'm not blaming all of our problems with obesity and diabetes on HFC...it's yet another symptom of a culture of sloth, shortcuts, and self-indulgence. The same type of laziness that just runs patronizing ads to counter facts in protection of a bottom line instead doing actual work to address the problem.


allenpg said...

At least the dog is getting a workout. I tried explaining sugar metabolism to a coworker, since I put sucrose on my cereal but drank diet soda. No luck. I think I'm just going to have to carry chemical structures and metabolic charts with me to try and explain that all sugars are not created equal. Plus, the SOURCE of sugars (eg, raw fruit vs processed sweetners) makes a big difference too. Hey, no one ever said homo sapiens had to go beyond making fire and spears.

Jeff of MargaretAndJeff said...

Are you SO excited?