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I've stopped (health) caring...

Was that a moth that flew out of Palin's mouth?? It's not euthanasia, it's end-of-life counseling, and the traditional health care plan that she, and you, subscribe to includes it as well. They all do.

And apparently, the high journalistic standards employed by my uncle in sending this to clog up my inbox are all that a major newspaper should need as well.

However, a good friend of mine recently pointed out those lopsided "I want change" polls we heard so much about during Obama's runaway campaign are now be disabused and are coming back to bite the President in the ass. "Yes, I want change!" is a little more vague than, "I want my health care cheaper!"

Throw in a lot of disinformation - on both sides - and when combined with the general state of ignorance - on both sides - it's no wonder people are getting angry. But this is far from any kind of grass roots organization - on both sides.

What's next? Brown shirts vs. black shirts?

I've stopped caring, about the actual reform, because no matter what happens, nothing good will come of it. It's not heath care that needs reforming. We need reforming. Our health care system used to work pretty well when there was much less a demand on it.

Our priorities are incredibly skewed, and nobody wants to fix the problem since it will mean a few less Almighty Dollars in their pockets.


Julie said...

Do you even know what a union is? If an organization that's funded 100% by working people with no corporate/outside funding and democratically elected leadership isn't grassroots, what is? Way to drink their "fair and balanced" kool-aid.

The Car Whisperer said...

Yeah, I know what a union is, and I'm probably the most pro-union person I know.

Until they start staging "protests" (not-grass roots) to counter act the staged "protests" (also not grass-roots) the Fox news crowd is buying into.

I think you're the one drinking the Kool-aid (just a different flavor) if you think this "reform" that is just being retrofitted to our country's abysmal state of health is going to do ANY good.

The Car Whisperer said...

How in the hell would you ever think that I buy into one iota of the garbage that Fox is spewing these days from what I write in this space?

Just because someone doesn't parrot the Obama or Moveon.org party line doesn't make them Right-wing-Fox-viewing-Dittoheads.

Erik said...

I believe artificially created "not grass-roots" inititaves are referred to as "astroturfing".

The real issue at hand here is that we're a bunch of entitled assholes in this country. People expect to get more out of insurance than they pay in - they feel like they need to "cash in" when they have an opportunity. It just doesn't work that way.

The Car Whisperer said...

Ha! Yes, that's the term NPR used on Sunday!