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Thursday Hate

This is more Thursday Pity. MacKenzie Philips accuses Papa of years of incest in her new book, and says that she appeared on the Today Show in 2008 while high on smack. I read once that John Philips’ dog got into his bag of mescaline. The dog ran around in circles for three days, he said, and then stared at itself in the mirror for 12 hours. “That dog was more human than anything else…”

Speaking of shitty pet owners…

I hate it when other dog owners see you coming and cross the street to avoid interacting with you and your dog. This is almost always accompanied by the dog(s) acting like a complete asshole, because a) the owner is using one of those fucking retractable leashes, and b) they do nothing but give halfhearted “stop it!” and “settle down!” instead of actually correcting the dog while it jerks them all over the sidewalk like Malachi does to Linda Hamilton in “Children of the Corn”.

“Outlander!!! I have your woman!!!”

Jack just walks along, nonplussed with a only a slight bit of ear-perk, probably just as turned off as I am by the other owner/dog’s behavior. It’s just so fun and cool to see your dog meet a new friend and have a good interaction. It’s so easy to spot owners who have no desire or clue of how to instill acceptable behavior in their pets. And it’s even more pathetic when they eschew valuable interaction with other pets altogether rather than dealing with the responsibility.

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Michael said...

...and to just think some of these socail morons will be (or already are) parenting a human. Ugh.