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Are Limbaugh and Sharpton having cocktails together right now?

I may be the last person to have figured this out...

But Rush Limbaugh never wanted to buy an NFL team. Rush Limbaugh wants people to talk about him.

"Selectively leaked?"

Uh huh.

This is all part of Premiere Radio Network's strategy to raise the advertising rates on his show.

Rush isn't a racist. He's a blowhard. And a smart one at that. He makes money when people are pissed off at him. And so do the people who are "pissed off" at him, supposedly. But how can they really be pissed off at him when they're getting such great stage time being pissed off at him...

Rush isn't a racist, he's an ego maniac. Just like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, speaking of whom. The NFL wouldn't want either one of those two guys as owners either.

Rush isn't a racist, he's just an asshole. And the NFL certainly has enough of those, too.

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