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Hump Day

The top 10 signs you have a dream job (or "perspective is everything"):

1. There's an "office coffee club," with Intelligentsia and it only costs $5 a month per person, versus $2 a cup from the Starbucks-branded vendor, Sodexo.

2. The Red line is two blocks from both your front door and the office door.

3. Your colleagues, all 34 of them, don't look at you as though you are green and singing, "Blue Bells of Scotland" through your tentacle beaks when you walk in with a bike helmet under your arm.

4. Your workplan for the next three months is waiting when you arrive on the morning of your first day.

5. Did I mention there's no Sodexo cafeteria? But there's Chipotle, Jimmy John's, Trader Joe's, and about 17 Thai places all within walking distance.

6. There's not one, but two private unisex restrooms (read: no steath-poopers in the stall, no piss spray on the floor, and no gum in the urinals).

7. QBP access (don't even THINK about it) and a monthly bike-reimbursement.

8. The I-was meant-to-be-here moment of the day: the HR director knew Jack when he was in foster care at Chicago Canine Rescue.

9. At the bar-meet-up after work, the new Executive Director seeks you out and already knows your name.

10. Your work is to make the city you love a more livable place to be.

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Pankonin said...

Congrats. Very happy for you, my friend.