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Thursday hate

My top ten targets in the post-oil apocalypse:

10. Litterers.

9. People who block the doors.

8. Eric Cantor.

7. People who start with "www dot..." when giving you a web address.

6. American soccer fans who hate all other American sports.

5. People who go apoplectic against cutting social services but don't have a library card.

4. Litterers littering energy drink cans get an extra.

3. People who blame the imminently approaching economic abyss on liberalism and over-regulation.

2. People who won't eat vegetables, but they'll have their own problems.

1. "I said, 'please move your bag.'"


Erik said...

how about web addresses that require declaration of which server you're accessing at a particular domain.tld? Not everything on the internet uses HTTP, nor is every web server called WWW.

brianfmorrissey said...


A Midnight Rider said...

#6. That's me. I'll be waiting with my keeper gloves on the pitch.