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The Lost Weekend

The clock struck Midnight this past weekend on my time with The Midnight Shows...but it was a big ol' clock at least. We got it all done, at least the basic tracks we needed.

Also, next weekend, at the Note in Wicker Park, will be my last performance ever with these great guys. If you haven't had a chance to see me play, this is it, your last one. Please come out...I love playing for my friends just about as much as I do riding with them. I know a lot of us are racing in Beloit that weekend, and I got you covered. We're on at 10:30. So you will be in bed no later than midnight. And besides, the sleep you need for this race will come on Friday night. So get your ass to the Note next Saturday and send me out in style.

But in the meantime, a look behind the scenes:

Setting the drums (this takes forever, BTW. But it's arguably the most important facet of the entire recording. Even with the three hours of due diligence, you will still be asking, for days after, whether the snare sounds right):
Drums Jeff

There are lots and lots of mics involved in setting up the drums, at least 8:
Balti Mikes

The Main Recording Room:
Mics Drums Studio

Laying down the basics first (Getting the drums right is followed closely in importance by re-tuning the bass guitar between every...single...take. If your pitch shifts even a few cents here and there, pretty soon you are going to be off. And then when the bass rig is broken down and it's time to lay guitars on top of an out-of-tune rhythm section? You have no idea how pissed everyone is going be at you):
Brian Kevin

Two Inches!
2 Inch!

The Evil Supercomputer of Effects:
The Racks

Vic Damone? Fuck yeah it's Vic Damone! Ooh, baby.
Vic Damone

The cut on my left index finger from the crash in California a weekend ago still hadn't healed all the way (I bleed for my art, what else can I say?):
Bleedin for My Music

The guitar trax are going down!

If you've ever spent more than a few hours in a studio of any kind, you know this cookbook very well...hint, its "recipes" are primarily burritos and Kung Pao Chicken.

The Chairman of the Board:
Balti Board

Be sure and take notes:
Bass Board

30 hours out of a possible 72 available on Easter weekend spent recording? What could possibly get me through it?!?

This helped too (and contributed significantly to the fact that the above is possibly the worst picture ever taken of me):

That smooth voice laying down the soul of the weekend:
Rudy Vox

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