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Post Debate Meanderings

We bitch and complain about how our students are falling behind in math and science, so much so that many cities are in full panic mode - offering free education and loans to certify teachers right now.

Yet McCain singles out the $3 million new projector at Adler Planetarium - one of the city's top public educational facilities, not to mention one of our top tourist attractions as an example of Obama's wasteful pork barrel spending.

Don't our student citizens deserve the very best? Seems to me top of the line audio-visual equipment (for which $3 million is probably pretty reasonable) is necessary for a tourist attraction that more than pays for the expenditure with it's value as a civic institution - and to improving the knowledge of citizens everywhere who come from around the nation to visit it.

Meanwhile, McCain has publicly advocated staying in Iraq for an unlimited time, at a cost of over $10 billion a month. I wonder why our education system is falling behind these days?

And was it just me, or did McCain, a Republican, say that he supports nationalizing private citizen's mortgage debt??

Just switched over to FOX News, and the MSNBC for some instant gratification on reactions, and it's pretty obvious nothing is going to change, save George Bush simultaneously pulling Osama bin Laden out of his and suppressing the release of Oliver Stone's new movie before Election Day. Even talking heads from National Review and the Weekly Standard are saying it's at least a draw,if not a win, and none one less than the Pat Freakin' Buchanan just called Obama "fluid and presidential."

This was McCain's time to "take the gloves off." But he couldn't. Not on Ayers and Wright he couldn't. If he did, Keating and Palin's own Pastor Muthee and her own "palling around" would've been thrown right back in his face.

A focus group in Virginia raised their hands at the moderator's request in favor of Obama. North Carolina and Florida also went blue this week. Indiana is now blue. Barely, but it's blue. The birthplace of the Republican Party.

fivethirtyeight.com. The popular vote may be close, but it is up to a 9 point difference now, and the electoral vote could be as much as 90%, or even higher by the final debate next week.

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allenpg said...

It's all meaningless anyway. Cheney dissolves the government on January 21, 2009 and instills himself as emperor...:) For everyone rejoicing that Obama is in the lead, never underestimate the predictability of stupidity in the American electorate (or the abilities of Karl Rove). Remember, guns, babies, and Jesus are more important than working and putting bread on the table.

Erik said...

for some, guns are how you put food on the table for jesus to bless so you can feed your babies...

Biciklista said...

I watched the "Values" Voter Summit or something along those lines on CSPAN. To see people get aroused by a Stephen Baldwin speech on values is scary.

Tamara Fraser said...

Turns out the "overhead projector" costs 10 million -- the planetarium is raising funds privately to cover the difference. Their current projector -- that projects a moving show of planets and stars on the ceiling, so "overhead projector" in the fanciest possible way -- is 40 years old and they can no longer get replacement parts. Jupiter is broken, so right now they're doing shows without our solar system's largest planet.

But then, you'd expect a muslim with terrorist friends to waste the big bucks on something so trivial.