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Thursday Hate - Planet Earth

Our universe is so big that light from one end has not yet reached the other.

When the Hubble telescope peers deep into space, it is literally looking back in time billions of years so far away are the galaxies and nebulae it is aimed at.

So broad and massive are the matter and mysteries spread about over space and time, so isolated are we in our little corner of the galaxy, that we will never begin to unlock even a fraction of a fraction of a percentage of what it all means. That our unlikely progression through evolution to conscious questioning of those very mysteries that will go unsolved, as we die out alone and unknown in our provincial little corner - either by choking to death on our own pollution or by nuclear annihilation - the equivalent of a 3-year old burning the house down playing with matches - is of sickening irony.

You know what makes it worse?



T.C. O'Rourke said...

Judge not a (wo)man by their most drunken photo...


The Car Whisperer said...

I have already been judged, so I will JUDGETH.