"It never gets any easier. You just go faster." ---Greg Lemond
"Don't buy upgrades. Ride up grades." --- Eddy Merckx
"You drive like shit." ---The Car Whisperer



I took a lesson from Saturday and watched the final ToC stage over both the TourTracker (online) and on Versus. Not bad coverage, I was able to conclude after seeing both at the same time. Versus picked up at 4pm, and did a recap as though it were live up Palamor Mountain to just before the Cole Grade, and then it was live live. Earlier online I was able to keep with the initial attacks, but actually missed the much of the last half of the Palamor climb, where Levi lost contact with his team in order to stay with Jens Voigt. I was watching it sporadically while I cleaned my bike and the kitchen, putzing around after my morning ride.

I had just come back to the computer to see Levi riding in that chase group by himself and instead of wondering what had happened, I just turned on channel 55. Bob Roll was doing his usual start line interviews and Paul Sherwin was prepping the audience on the details for the day's ride, then after the commercial break I was able to see just exactly what led to Levi being exposed like that.

And props to Cav for at least starting the day, but I can't blame Boonen for heading home. No need to put yourself through something like that when the spring classics are just around the corner.

The riding this weekend was another mental sufferfest, building up the callouses on the saddle and in the mind riding indoors. Five of us met in a teammate's garage for four hours on Saturday and three yesterday. I know it was beautiful, but it was still cold, and we'd agreed to get in a max effort rather than drive all the way out to Winfield for the ABD indoor timetrial series.

We watched The Boune Ultimatum and 2003 Rhomandy on Saturday. On Sunday, just as we started the 10K TT effort about 90 minutes into the workout, Indy and Marion were tied up while the bad guys were about to get their faces melted off. Doing another hour of endurance to make our scheduled three hours was the toughest part of the entire weekend. Staring at another hour after nearly 15 minutes at threshhold was nearly unbearable.

But coming home and seeing the peleton amid the palm-trees and the throngs of short-sleeved wearing fans gave me all the hope I need.

One more weekend of this shit - currently reading 14 degrees on my computer screen - and then it's off to 8 days in California. No concerns for me except the wheel in front or the climb ahead.

Nine hours scheduled next weekend. Let's just call Saturday and Sunday "long" and "long." Pray with me we can do it outside.

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allenpg said...

Don't remind me how crappy the weather is! I was all excited to get an early season farmers tan this past week and now I can only look forward to six more hours on the trainer this weekend. I actually avoided Palomar Mountain, because I didn't want to see snow. BTW, don't worry, we'll still get snow after you guys get back from camp...:)