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Monday's Perspective

Good times in Hillsboro on Saturday, even with nothing near the result I wanted.

Our race stayed together until the end, and first race jitters kept me from going out on my own, like I'd told myself I would at least try. Moyer, Briney, William, Wiberg, Stocky, and I had a lot to do with keeping it together however. But I could think of a couple of moments when, just after chasing a break down, or when Wiberg's and William's own break was reeled back in, where I should have just kept on going. All it could've needed was one more push. Hindsight is foresight...

Coming into the feedhill on the last lap I was off Moyer's wheel by about three or four bikes when he attacked, and I could not get my legs to go any faster. As I started going backwards, lots of people went around the gap and there I was. I recall seeing William finish about 50 yards in front of me with a few in between and he was 21st, he told me. So I was 25th maybe.

I can't remember if I big-ringed everything last year, but I did race with a 27 cluster back then. This year I did big-ring it all, and rode with a 23. Maybe that was ambitious? I climbed much stronger last year, or maybe the pace was that much higher this year, but in either case that hill just KILLED my legs on Saturday. My heart rate was not elevated, however. I'm not sure if I saw 180 all day. I raced in the Stingers and I just had the HR on. No idea - I have to download the data now.

It was a fun race to be sure - a great way to kick off the season. Plus I rode the new Stingers - tubies - and the wheels felt GREAT. I kept them just a bit underinflated and they took the bumpy turns sure and true. Smooth and great power over the cobbles.

I can't wait for a nice flat crit to race those on. But I'll have to have a better strategy in place for my next race, which is Baraboo, in actuality. It will be a good one since it's 2 weeks after Asheville, but I'll have to be more mentally ready for that climb.

The next two weeks, however, are just very hard training. The first sprint clinic, Fit Check Time Trial - both in sub-40 degree temps - and then a long team ride on Saturday. Sunday will a Delucca ride followed by breakfast at my place with anyone who'd like to join in pancakes and an online stream of Paris-Roubaix. Then a week from this Wednesday I leave for Asheville. Nothing more to say about that trip.

Well, other than I love the Asheville camp and have been looking forward to it all year. But I'll be happy just to find some Baraboo legs there. At the very least I'll finally be able to stop spending money on camps and get a couch. But then Moyer just pointed out a man has to have his priorities. After all, couches make you softer, camps make you harder. I better put this one to good use for the 'Boo.


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pankonin said...

Stockmaster was 21 and Pankonin was 23. I got us mixed up.

Fun race. The post race "what ifs" make it pretty tough to sleep on Sunday nights!