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Thursday Hate

Celebrity cameos at the tour.

Ben Stiller, as he held the yellow jersey out for Fabian, looked as if he were disappointed. "They told me I'd get to stand next to Lance today..." he'd say in that mopey voice of his.

If McConaughey shows up I am boycotting.


Jeff said...

And his hair. Good God. I hope he is growing it out for a movie that I will find funny, like the Dodgeball move.

Otherwise, Benny, get a f'ing haircut.

Erik said...

I won't mind if some of the guys that ride RAGBRAI with Lance show up...

Robin Williams is apparently a total gear whore with quite a collection of Parlee rigs.

Tamara Fraser said...

Jimmy Buffet today. WTF!!

Pankonin said...

Right to all! Stiller looks ill. How long do think that hair took him (or someone) to get just right?