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Thursday Hate

First: Yankees fans. That's like rooting for Walmart.


James E. Cox. That is the name of the uninsured, unlicensed driver and otherwise waste of viable organs that killed a mother and her posthumously-delivered son on October 21 while running a red light on the west side. He was arrested yesterday after it was revealed that he was high on cocaine at the time. The Chicago Tribune also reported Cox has been cited 15 prior times for driving without a license. Why is it we had to wait for someone to die before this piece of shit was finally arrested? Don't you think after the 3rd, or even the 5th, time that somebody would see a pattern here?

Mayor Daley, if it's about money, I understand, man. I am available. Standard union wage is all I am asking - much cheaper than it will cost to house this asshole downstate for 15 years. The only thing else it will cost the city is some handcuffs, a standard issue taser, and a sock filled with ball bearings. And a few rolls of paper towels to clean up the blood.


The carnage continued Halloween night with another hit and run, this time in North Center. Rachel Gilliam was struck and killed at the Lincoln and Cullom intersection sometime after 3am, Sunday morning. The driver fled the scene.

Note that the URL of the link above says, "hit-and-run-accident." No. That is not an accident. A hit and run is a crime.

She worked at Bowman's, a sister restaurant of O'Donovan's, where I waited tables in 2007, while between jobs for three months. I am sure several people I worked with there are grieving pretty severely now. I actually knew Rachel. A friend reminded me that she was the ex-girlfriend of my ex-girlfriend's current husband. We all had hung out together several times back in 2004-2005. Hearing that dragged to the surface a whole bunch of bad memories which I really didn't want to relive.


Riding home today, just past Montrose on Elston, a CPD squad car was parked in the bike lane. No hazard or flashers. Diddy and Alan are on my wheel, so I wave left behind my ass with my right hand and take the lane. A grey Saab guns it behind us, and risks probably six lives, including his and ours passing us to get to the red light maybe 100 yards beyond. I look back at the cop in the car as if to ask, "you gonna do anything about that?"

Too busy talking on a cell phone.


Did Santa buy Halloween or something? Was there some sort of holiday-merger?




Heineken. And anyone who thinks that is good beer. And the tribal armband tattoos they are probably wearing.


Missy said...

Somehow I find Stella Artois drinkers even more annoying. It's shitty beer for pretentious people.

The Car Whisperer said...

Ha! Yeah, they buy into those cloying Euro-ads that play during movie previews and think they are being sophisticates.