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Chicago: Inside Out

My brother visited Chicago last week. He arrived on Tuesday morning. We relaxed for a bit, drinking coffee and unpacking. Once on the go, we took a trip to my bike store, and then walked over to introduce him to the wonders of Hot Doug's. We're both big meat fans, so, natch.

We chilled at home for a while, then headed to the White Sox game, versus the Yankees.

We headed home after the bottom of the 8th, when it was pretty clear the Sox weren't going to pull one out. I was up early for a 30 mile ride while Duff slept in. We hit breakfast at the Golden Nugget, and then headed downtown. I figured it would be cool to hit the Architecture Cruise if we could get tickets, and we were in luck.

We headed for a walk in the loop, next...

...stopping at Cereality for a snack...

...and then to Cal's for a drink...

...and then finally out to Little Italy for drinks and dinner at Rosebud. I wish I had pictures of our martinis and my plate of gnocchi but I ran out of batteries. Duff came to rehearsal after with us and then we headed home for sleep. I woke up at 2am to hear Duff stumbling around looking for the bathroom. I found this on the coffee table. It was purchased just that evening, and I had one glass.

Friday, while Duffy was in Indy for the weekend, Ethan and I hit Bluesfest:

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Steven Vance said...

I have recently found the wonder that is the Golden Nugget breakfast.