"It never gets any easier. You just go faster." ---Greg Lemond
"Don't buy upgrades. Ride up grades." --- Eddy Merckx
"You drive like shit." ---The Car Whisperer


Stormy Weather

Storm is coming. I give it another 30 minutes. This is first really big one I think we've had this summer. I'm gonna head out to the back porch and crack a beer, for old time's sake, when it starts raining.

Speaking of summer, I know it doesn't start until tomorrow (or was it today?) but it feels half over already. Yet looking at my calendar, I know this isn't true.

I have only started to race, started to write, started to sing. Although I must be anxious for some reason. I've been having this recurring dream where I in college, and am failing this really hard history class because I keep forgetting to go to class. Right before I wake up I am staring at my calendar realizing I have the final exam and I haven't been to class in weeks. I start to freak out and try to cram. Once I tried to make an appointment to see the professor but he refused to let me in during his office hours. Think this is work related?

My shoulder is almost back to normal. I started riding hard again yesterday, with a great lunchtime session on the south lake shore path. This morning was 6 reps of spin drills on my way to work, and a set of under/over intervals on the trainer when I got home. I'm feeling the quickness and suppleness return to my legs. I just got the Trek back from the shop. They had it for a week, thoroughly inspected the frame, and gave it an amazing clean bill of health. If I'd been going any faster this probably wouldn't be the case.

I'll be participating in my first Alley Cat race tomorrow, a specialty of the messengers. A scavenger hunt of sorts, we race to several checkpoints and collect signatures to prove we were there, then it's back to the finish. I will be going just for fun, and I'm sure I will get passed by many at all the stop lights. I am just not ready to play Chicken with the Chicago taxi cabs, so soon removed from my beat down Thursday.

Early Saturday I am driving out with teammate Chris to Kankakee (can you see it on the map? it just about to get hammered.) to race a couple heats in the Cobb Park Criterium. It's a beautiful flat course along the river. I was going to do the Fox River Grove Criterium on Sunday, but I've changed my mind. I would pretty much need to turn around on getting home on Saturday and head out on the Metra to my buddy Chris' place out in the Northwest 'burbs. I just have too many buddies playing gigs, friends in town for not-a-long-while, and I just need to spend a bit more time nurturing my social life before I wake up to find out I no longer have one. There will be plenty of races this summer.

Superweek is approaching. 10 solid days of racing, and I've taken 3 days off of work to race in 5 of them. It's going to be amazing. The camaraderie, the new friends, the sprints, and the finishes. The pain and the experience. It's all waiting, as potential, growing stronger and storing more momentum with each day closer.

I had to cancel a gig this past weekend as well, because of the crash, but I am playing again. It's a little difficult because the bass on the shoulder brings out what pain remains, and not all the feeling has come back into my right hand. Another is coming this next weekend, however; at the Note, with the soul band, The Midnight Shows. We have a street fest gig this summer, among others and will hopefully get into the studio soon. Shrieking Violet, too. Definitely the most talented band I've ever played in. Please come see us. You won't be disappointed.

I can't think of another way to bring in the summer than with a banging symphony of thunder, a cacophony of roiled air and pelting rain. It's starting. Gotta go.

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