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Dateline: Anchorage

Saturday we had a reunion of sorts, in downtown Anchorage at a bar, the F Street Station.

Craig Hasund, who played saxophone and oboe with me in high school band and the Anchorage Youth Symphony (1987-91) and his wife, Rena:

...and Mark Edwards, the big surprise of the night (he sat behind me in chemistry, 1989-90):

My brother with Sam Gray, also a saxophonist in the East High band:

And Jimmy Egan doesn't look a day older:

Later on that night one of my best friends, Erik Wegscheider - clarinet: AYS, All-state, All-Northwest band, showed a bit later. He actually called me from his truck as he drove past to tell me he wasn't coming in and I didn't blame. It was asses to elbows in there, some sort fire code was surely being broken, so we stopped in at Anchor Bar, attempted to find an open bar at the Captain Cook Hotel (Anchorage's answer to Chicago's Penninsula), and then to the old standard, Humpy's, for the final round of the evening...

The next day my brother took us to the firing range in Birchwood to pop a few rounds on his AK-47 and Glock .40 S&W:


Erik said...

Shooting anything .40 S&W makes me feel like a true American.

allenpg said...

Time to sling that thing over your shoulder and mount the Surly Pugsley for a little two wheel biathlon!

Jeff said...

You finally fired a weapon. I'm so proud!!!!!!!!!