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Thursday Hate - Dr Grammar

You're. Your. One is a contraction, the other possessive.

"You are (you're) a piece of shit who deserves the death penalty for using your car to kill an innocent bystander in a road rage incident."


Loose. Lose. Two completely different words.

"You will have loose bowels for the rest of your life once you lose your (eh?!) virginity in prison."


It's. Its. Again, one is a contraction, the other a possessive. If you write it with the apostrophe, sound out both words, "it is" and if it doesn't fit, remove the apostrophe, like so:

"It's going to be great seeing your cowardly ass shanked in the exercise yard when one gang or another gets its hands on you. Rot in hell, I hope you die from a perforated colon."

Yours in hate and education,

The Car Whisperer.


Pankonin said...

When does the apostrophe belong on the right side of the "s" in words that aren't contractions?

The Car Whisperer said...

Great question. The answer: when they are plural possessives.

Example: "These road-ragers' lives will be made into a living hell once the license plates on the cars they left behind are used to track them down."

Jeff of MargaretAndJeff said...

I also hate the Rode vs Road and Their vs They're vs There

The Car Whisperer said...

Effect and affect.