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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Tonight I'll be at Abbey Pub, just blocks from my Independence Park apartment, celebrating on a very rare trip out for The Wearing of the Green. The idiotic behavior of 90% of St. Paddy's revelers, themselves all transplants from either Columbus or Miami, OH, trading in their Burberry for green beads and giant, green Dr. Seuss hats, makes the holiday a complete amateur night, and since I hate crowds to begin with, I stay mostly to myself hat and usually observe behind a locked door with a single Guinness and shot of Powers.

Typical St. Patrick's day douchbaggery:

However, my old friend Kevin, now of the up and coming Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers, formerly of Kiss n' Ride, will be headlining the St. Paddy's night party at the pub, capping off an entire day of celebration, including a live broadcast of the Gaelic Games from Ireland, Irish dancers, and the Shannon Rovers bagpipers.

As well, the Abbey Pub is a cheerful and well-worn place, neighborhood-owned, far beyond the Chad and Trixie comfort-zone, the box of North, Ashland, Addison, and the Lake.

Kevin Flynn & the Avondale Ramblers are a Chicago-Irish rock band, in the tradition of the great city mainstay, The Tossers, with a northside twist. Traditional rhythms and musical themes will have you tapping your feet, or downright jigging once you've had a few shots, and the clever lyrics and references to living and growing up on Chicago's northwest side will have you feeling as though you've lived all your life at the corner of Higgins and Harlem.


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