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The Kiss n Ride Years

From 2000 through 2005, I was the bassist in a band called Kiss n Ride, a Chicago pop rock act from Norwood Park that had actually been around since 1994 in some form or another.

Our influences ranged from Fats Domino to Sam Cooke to Rolling Stones to the Prodigy, but our primary sound was that of Brit Pop. The lilting, dancable beats of the Stone Roses and Blur were always clearly evident in our music.

Kevin Flynn was Kiss n Ride from it's inception to the end in 2005, and I worked and collaborated with him closely for the 5 years I was in the band. Early on, through the recording of the My Vanity EP, Patrick O'Malley played guitar, and Doug James was drums. One other recording from before my time exists, Joyrider, but I do not have access to this.

Brad Wdowiak was the guitarist from 2003-05, and we also worked with several drummers before finding Mat Thies in 2004.

Below are links to two EPs, My Vanity and Someone Killed My Generation, as well as a third with 3 singles (one of which is a cover from a Jim Ellison/Material Issue tribute Album) and a couple of live tracks from a 2005 show at Schuba's.


My Vanity

Someone Killed My Generation


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vorosm said...


Was a friend of Kevin's and also your predecessor on bass, Eric Wiser. Eric's brother, Paul, was the drummer on the first demo and the four track but I don't think he was on the second.

Have two demos on tape, and a third which was done by me sans vocals on a four track (Kevin was going to add the vocals later but decided to spend the money on a more professional guy).

Would be happy to send it along if you're interested and you can figure out how to put them on a more modern media. The second demo has a date of 1997 on it.