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Hump Day

I bitch a lot about people on the train who leave their bags on the seat. I think it’s bad form any time, but when the train is crowded and people are looking for seats, it almost warrants a slap across the back of the head. Today was no exception. With the construction, high gas prices, and congestion, there was a crowd almost three people deep at the Mayfair station this morning.

However, 90% of these people are so passive they can’t bring themselves to even ask the selfish person taking up two seats to move his bag in the first place! I was walking behind two people who passed a headphone absorbed dude so I just tapped him on the shoulder and told him to scoot. Of course he obliged, but with people as weak-minded as those wandering lost among the aisles this morning, can you blame him for trying to get away with it?

Even as I sat down, there were three others with in view who had open seats next to them filled with a bag, and yet the prissy, feather-haired women standing next to me continued to lament, “There’s no seats…we should try the next car.”

I think these people should be forced to travel on a CTA train car in which all the seats are filled a gangbanger and a boombox, while they each carry four heavy grocery bags. That would force them to make a choice. I don’t understand how somebody could be that passive that they can’t bring themselves to request somebody to take their bag off a seat on a packed train. It’s a wonder they even get change back at the store.


Racism and sexism? At NASCAR? Shocker.

And speaking of NASCAR, Public Radio ran a piece this morning, on the amount of water it takes to maintain a golf course. There are enough courses in the United States to equal the area of Rhode Island, yet each course requires as much as 300,000 gallons of water each day. And to top it off, much of these courses exist in areas of extreme draught, i.e. Southern California and Arizona.

Ummmmmmm…when is somebody going to build this bridge between NASCAR’s fuel usage (read: WASTE) and high gas prices?


Think people wasting time at work is bad? Try the Jury Box.


Looking for something to do this Saturday? No? Well, come race or volunteer and watch the races anyway. Whatever you are doing is probably way less important. Except the World Naked Bike Ride...so make sure you hit that after the races.


Tamara Fraser said...

Passivity or fear? Lots of people are ruled by fear. Not always irrationally.

The Car Whisperer said...

Same thing?

The Car Whisperer said...

And second...fear of what? That'd they'd say "no"? I let fear rule me a lot (it's why I never attack) and even I would just go get the conductor to throw that dickhead off the train if he refused to move his bag...