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Thursday Hate


"Sounds good, Dave. Why don't you engage Geena, as discussed, and move forward with that action item? She's definitely got the bandwitdth. Then we can circle back and revisit our core competencies for the mission statement so we can move forward with our deliverables in order that we have the clients' buy in at the end of the day."

"Fuck you Diane. How about instead: I'll give Geena the work - she ain't busy - then we'll meet again tomorrow to talk about what we're presenting to the client? Is that good? Great. I'm going to the toilet."


These new offshore drilling proposals. Banned for years, exploratory drilling, even moving to full production, will do nothing to alleviate high gas prices. As with ANWR, what will come out of the ground will amount to a drop in terms of world demand. Especially when you realize that those first drops - if oil were discovered today - wouldn't be on the market as refined product for another 10 years or so. And we all know demand world-wide is going to go nowhere but up and who knows what other variables will be effecting the price of oil by then.

There's no more room for this kind of leadership. There has never been a more urgent time for real, proactive action on Energy. The oil economy will be dead in ten years. So will John McCain. You know what to do.

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Jeff said...

Ha-ha-ha. CW, you need to start planning your escape from the corporate world now.