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Thursday hate: Tony Kornheiser

Wow. Just...wow. Firstly, Bob Roll has this to say:

To think I used to like Tony Kornheiser. I thought he was pretty funny in an annoying kind of way. But it turns out, he's just another fat, lazy, rage-aholic prick with an oversize sense self-entitlement to match his SUV. I can't say anything new about people like him, other than that they are sad, pathetic, misguided human beings. I hope Tony wakes up tomorrow to see the dismay he's caused by his comments and issues an apology.

Lance Armstrong was once defended by Kornheiser on doping allegations. According to Mellow Johnny's (Lance Armstrong's Austin bike shop) twitter page, you can email Kornheiser's boss by clicking here.

You know what to do.

(UPDATED): @lancearmstrong has just weighed in to his more than two million followers. Welcome to Twitter, Tony Kornheiser.

(UPDATED 8:57am) 1-888-549-3776 is the customer care line at ESPN. Select option 3 to speak to a rep and register your complaint.

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Henri said...

What an absolute wad. I hope he loses his reputation and job - he does not deserve to be on air.

Lance Armstrong has just come back from a huge (35000) cycle race in South Africa. In the preceding weeks a number of cyclist were knocked over and killed or maimed. It raised the awareness of how vulnerable cyclist are in the face of inconsiderate drivers.