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"Don't buy upgrades. Ride up grades." --- Eddy Merckx
"You drive like shit." ---The Car Whisperer


Hump Day

I love Pez. Boob Flavored Pez.

Go John go! Not that I would ever vote for the man (have never voted Republican in my life, and I'm not going to start this year - although Ron Paul has tempted me) I am glad to see John McCain's resurgance as the new front-runner. Sure he's an ornery, mean-spirited, old jack-ass...er - elephant, for that matter - and he is incredibly out-of-touch with today's youth, but at heart, this guy guy truly believes in what he's campaigning for. And that he's back now, as the likely nominee for the Republican nomination is a feel-good story for me. After the disgusting race-baiting tactics used by Bush operatives in 2000 (that McCain was traitor for caving during his torture by North Vietnamese prison guards and that he fathered a half-black child) during the South Carolina primary and watching the Straight Talk Express completely derail, it's great to see that he really has stuck with his message and it's finally paying off. However, not that it's a message I really want to hear. I can't understand his slavish support of Bush (nor anyone's for that matter - how can otherwise intelligent human beings think Bush plays any sort of leadership role in this country other than reading his lines on camera?), or The War. And our involvment in the Middle East will not only continue if he is elected President, it will expand. Already the U.S. has further ensconcing itself in permanent bases in Iraq, and this has been the plan all along. Most likely to support future operations against Iran.

Sean Young apparently got wasted at the Director's Guild Awards, and had to be escorted out after heckling during a speech.

38 Days until camp in San Luis Obispo. I had a great workout on the gerbil wheel last night. Last year I was totally unable to do more than 30 minutes on that thing before my brain started oozing out my ears. I not only did a 51 minute single-leg drill; immediately afterwards, I put Robbie Ventura's "Race Day" (thanks, Leonard!) into the DVD player and got my first intensity outside of the weightroom since the 40+ degree weather we had back early in the month.

And Hillsboro will be here before you know it...Allez, Allez!

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