"It never gets any easier. You just go faster." ---Greg Lemond
"Don't buy upgrades. Ride up grades." --- Eddy Merckx
"You drive like shit." ---The Car Whisperer


It's You.

(Maggie, so sorry it took so long to get to this...but Happy Birthday.)

There was still snow in my hair when I got the news,
yet, you warmed my world from the very first day.

I actually had a Little Sister. Another piece of me. Of Us.
It was on tape when I first saw you, but you weren't far away.

Just a little bit of pink skin under your fuzzy hat.
But it was you. It has always been YOU.

It was you who gurbled, who spit up your milk.
And crawled on Dad's hairy chest and gummed his nose.

It was you who first showed me how to feed the baby ducks.
It was you gave me hugs goodnight, and woke me up at 5am.

I buried Duff in the sand, but it was you who peed on him.
I was the one who took you to the park, but you taught me how to play.

As you grew, you looked different, talked different, acted different.
But it was always you. My Little Sister.

It was you who gave me patience, and showed me how
To get the things I wanted had to come with love.

And it was you who let me learn from all the mistakes I made
And didn't judge, and showed me how to be a brother again.

For once I wasn't fighting, bickering or bitching.
I was guiding you, but you knew the way.

Of all the gifts to give someone, yours is the best.
You gave me you. And you have made me.

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