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"Don't buy upgrades. Ride up grades." --- Eddy Merckx
"You drive like shit." ---The Car Whisperer


I Hate

Bike Snob NYC is really bringing the hate today. Here's some more:

I Hate:

- People who sing with their hands. Not deaf people (although what would be the point?) - I mean people who actually sing and move their hands so it makes them seem more soulful...and the more needlessly they move their hands the more needless notes there seems to be (i.e. half the American Idol auditions and the aspiring vocalist singing the National Anthem at a high school basketball game.)

- People who leave their bags on the seat next to them on the train. If this is you, I will purposefully sit next to you just to make you move your bag even if there other open seats - which I would then sit in and place MY bag on the floor so as not to be a rude piece of shit.

- People who can't parallel park.

- People who are grossed out by vegetables. Or any healthy food for that matter. I knew a guy in college who ate maybe 80% of his meals at Chili's - and maybe 50% of that was baby back ribs. I don't ever want to see that guy again.

- People who never walk anywhere. But then this is redundant because they are also usually the same people who only eat food out of a brightly colored paper sack, can't parallel park or be bothered to give a shit about anybody else around them, and who listen to Mariah Carey.


Matt said...

The bag thing I've done-if there are plenty of other open seats.

I hate: non-handicapped people who use the handicapped entraces to my building (automatic doors) as opposed to the revolving door. Besides the fact that using stuff more causes it to break more (this happened to me a month or two ago-sprained my foot on crutches and the auto-doors were BROKEN), when it's cold it lets a GUST of cold air in. I hate these people. Hate hate.

I hate people who use the elevator for one floor. I hate people who push their way on the elevator before you can get off.

I hate that I frequently read you blog but that it takes a post about hate to get me to comment. :(

The Car Whisperer said...

Ohhhhhhh...and trying to get off the train and some tunnel vision motherf***er is pushing his way in??? Oh, yes, I share in that hate.

(How did you sprain your foot, and are you on Spider Monkey now too??)

Matt said...

Foot-no idea. Just woke up one morning in December and couldn't walk without a lot of pain.

I'm racing with vitaminwater-Trek this year!

The Car Whisperer said...

I thought you were...I just saw your other blog about Spider Monkey...

My ankle got a little messed up early this month too. Nothing that needed crutches. I was doing some balance work on the half-ball yoga thing and calf extensions heavy weight. But careful stretching and massage has almost removed all the pain...