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Hump Day

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I was actually looking for Mel Brooks doing his comedy routine for Emperor Dom, "Politics, Politics, Politics, Politics, Politics!" I'm just wondering how much longer this primary season is going to drag on. That bowling joke was the last straw. However, how ironic is it that for all the jockeying to be the earliest primary election (and even more so that Huckabeast garnered the early headlines), Pennsylvania is the huge player now. Good things come to those who wait.

And as glad as I am that we have no where to go but up in this election, I am really not looking forward to having to make a choice between any of these three. Obama is mostly platitudes and zero experience, and after 17 years of voting, I've come to realize "change" never, ever, happens. Not to mention, with the Resco thing, I believe he is nowhere near as clean as he claims to be. Clinton? I'm really just getting tired of her smug sense of self-entitlement, and she is absolutely the prefered choice of the establishment in this election. I am actually leaning more towards McCain, believe it not. I believe he is the cleanest candidate from corruption, and his stance on improving U.S. Foreign Relations is spot-on, yet I have no idea how he plans to do it on prohibiting water-boarding alone, since he certainly plans to keep us in Iraq for at least 4 more years. As well, his remedy for what is now being called the New Great Depression by some is to have less regulation?!?



I am really looking forward to racing in Beloit on Sunday. Burnham Racing (Vitamin Water-Trek) is holding their first race at The Blackhawk Farms Raceway. While not on a motorcyle, thankfully, I plan on racing smart, attacking as hard as I can, and being in the sprints at the end of both the 4/5s race and the 3/4s. There will be a lot of really strong, ambitious cats racing with me, and of course many teammates, and I am going to use this race as a chance to really rev the engine, take some chances, and see what I can do, egg on my face or not.

Blackhawk Raceway (thanks CBR):


I can't believe the Asheville Camp is only a week away! Next week, Thursday 4/10, I fly to Asheville, NC with a select group of teammate for a racing and climbing camp in the mountains of Western Carolina and along the Blue Ridge Parkway. I've been really aching for a chance to do this trip, and now it's finally happening! A teammate of mine took a cycling vacation there a couple of years ago. We'll be climbing Mt. Mitchell, the highest mountain east of the Mississippi, and in four days we'll have equaled the climbing we did in eight during the camp in San Luis Obispo.

As well, this will be a bittersweet venture back to a home of sorts. My father has lived in North Carolina for almost 30 years, and in Asheville for the last seven, with an earlier stint in the mountains back in '79 to '83 in nearby Spring Creek. My stepmom got her dream job in Rockingham at the community college there, and is already serving as the Univserity President. My dad is awaiting my sister to finish high school, but the house is already sold, and as early as April 18th they could close. This will likely be my last trip to Asheville with family.

So I hope to make the most of it.


Anonymous said...

"and after 17 years of voting, I've come to realize "change" never, ever, happens."

Change in a sense how the majority of politicians think and carry themselves does not happen, but the change of DIRECTION in which this nation is going, does and needs to happen. Look at the historic presidencies and you can see that a vision and good judgement at the top makes the difference. McCain has a lifetime of experience but what does he offer for the future? The world is rapidly changing, and the current administration to which he ran for endorsement and photo-op, has no f-ing clue about what's going on. Yeah, give us some more fear, us vs. them, tax breaks, we're number 1,..our values,..etc talk. All while the dollar is sinking, our trade deficit and debt grows, middle class is vanishing,.....and we have more enemies in the world than friends.

The Car Whisperer said...

First off, thanks for the comment, but no more anomymous ones...(I just changed that setting.)

Of course I'm not voting for McCain. A) the man is completely out of touch with anyone under 40 in this country and B)while I stated his strategy is admirable (he recognizes this country has a several global image problem) his tactics aren't going to get us anywhere. 100 years in Iraq? Really...got news for you John, if we stay in Iraq much longer, there won't be a United States of which to be President at all. Everything, all of our current economic problems are coming out of this goddamn war. What the fuck else do you think is going to be the consequence of printing trillions of $$$ and dumping it into a war that has no strategic goal. We're farther away from an end-in-sight than when the new Congress was elected in 2006 on an anti-war mandate! And as the Euro continues to kick our ass, the dollar is going to lose more and more credibility. And with that countries with start converting their oil cash reserves to Euros. And then CRASH. Each little dollar bill out there that's been propping up this sham economy comes back little bounced check. You think inflation is bad now?