"It never gets any easier. You just go faster." ---Greg Lemond
"Don't buy upgrades. Ride up grades." --- Eddy Merckx
"You drive like shit." ---The Car Whisperer



I stopped at Costco last night.

Got a huge box of Kashi Cereal. The Go Lean Crunch.

I love this stuff.

I OD'd. Two bowls for dinner. Two for breakfast.

There should be a warning on that box.

"7 Whole Grains on a Mission."

Yeah, a mission all right.

To the toilet.


Matt said...

Man...I love the taste and the nutritional value of Kashi, but my body reacts violently.

It's the same way with sugar-free candy.

It's devil's food.

The Car Whisperer said...

Seriously!!! My ass was my alarm clock this morning.

Bob said...

uh. did you hit snooze?

The Car Whisperer said...