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Hump Day - Bike To Work Week Edition

Next week is Bike To Work Week in Chicago, so here's a few links to get you up to speed...

First, Active Trans. It starts and ends here. Go here for updates on the Commuter Stations, Friday's Rally, and the Commuter Challenge.


Check out this grocery shopper!


You want to be a bicycle seat. This one, at least.


The Redeye says commuting by bike costs nothing? Hmmm. I guess I can use that $20 a month I get from the Bicycle Commuters Act for Grandma's "medicine." I wonder if that's how Lance got so fast?!


Do you just need to ride? Then you just need to read this.


The Soldier Field Cycling Series kicks off Wednesday June 17th. Easy upgrade points even closer than Calumet Park!


Looking for a bike shop?


The Chicago Cycling Examiner rings in as well...


And last, but not least, kick it all off in Sherman Park, this Saturday, June 13th at XXX Racing - AthletiCo's 10th Annual Sherman Park Criterium! It's an ideal first race for those looking to get their feet wet, and locals have been coming to this race - snagging upgrade points, great primes, and awesome tan lines - for...well...10 years!

Help us celebrate a great 10 years of racing! Register today!


Jonathan said...

Anyone looking for any of the Torker bikes? They can be found at Iron Cycles at 2860 West Montrose Ave. Just south of the Francisco Brown line stop. The only bike shop in the city that carries them that I know.

Seth said...

Yo to whomever even needs a shop index, trust me, you do not. Three words: Get A Grip [Cycles]!

The Car Whisperer said...

Most certainly! But, we at TCW do believe in freedom of choice. See for yourself that GaG is the best shop out there.