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My first ever Hump Day contest

I found this jump drive in the locker room at the work-gym today.

It appears to have 512MB of memory.

Leave your guesses as to what's on it in the comments section of this entry. Then next Wednesday I'll power it up and reveal the contents.

Closest guess wins the prize. You must come to the Turin Ride on Wednesday, July 8th to redeem your prize in the parking lot of J.J. Pepper's.


Seth said...

Pornography, of course.

allenpg said...

Oh, that is SO easy. That's YOUR USB drive and it's full of uncensored photos of the PepsiMAX girls. Duh!

The Car Whisperer said...

They did take me to their "day" job for a "tour."

We'll see, Peter. We'll see...

Crank said...

1's and 0's. If you want to get technical.