"It never gets any easier. You just go faster." ---Greg Lemond
"Don't buy upgrades. Ride up grades." --- Eddy Merckx
"You drive like shit." ---The Car Whisperer


Thursday Hate


Broken spokes.

Interns. Eager, earnest interns that laugh and scream in the elevator like it’s a carnival ride.

Assholes 20 wheels back and boxed in who bump you trying to squeeze around after you’ve led out University Hill.

Raccoon-trap-BBQ-chip bags.

My fingers still smell like BBQ.


(seriously – if anyone has any information regarding the guy who went down on the pothole last night, please let me know…)


Julian said...


I was to the left of Chris (?) when he hit the pothole (at 22-23mph), lost his front wheel and endo'ed over the bars on to his face and helmet. It appeared that he had a pretty severe concussion as he was disoriented and kept repeating himself. His lips were shredded, his nose looked broken, his cheek, chin and forehead were opened up and it looked like many of his teeth were no longer whole. He was transported to the hospital and I believe the officer (Amy Brell 122) transported his bike etc. He said he was 50 years old and didn't have health insurance at the moment. There was one other rider (wearing a PYOC kit) that knew him but aside from him it appeared that nobody knew or recognized him.

I gave a witness statement this morning to the HP police who were very helpful but repeatedly reminded me that cyclists were the source of an overwhelming majority of calls they receive.

I assured them that when the accident happened we (Chris and I) were in fact riding two abreast though I couldn't confirm that for the rest of the group or for the duration of the ride.

The police seemed to insinuate that with this incident a new order was to be established and I was informed that the law requires:

1.) riding no more than two abreast at all times. Period.
2.) mandatory stopping at ALL lights and stop signs.
3.) requirement to carry a photo ID.

All this coupled with the antics later int he evening (I won't repeat them here) are pushing the MWG very close to a tipping point.

The lakefront path just go a lot more appealing...

darkhorse said...

we're even?

It was either the bbq chip trap or your phone in the street. I think I chose the kinder, gentler punishment.

The Car Whisperer said...

J - it was two abreast and nothing more than a combination of bad luck and not paying enough attention. He went down behind me and to the right. The last push had slowed and I heard a loud banging and turned to see him go down. He was pretty close to the curb...no health insurance? Yikes. But yes that shit needs to get in order fast before The Man comes down hard. We should all be ready to do a bit more self-policing and say something when it should be said. The other thing is the rest of the herd blowing the lights when a few others go through...myself included. I slowed at the first light on Sheridan, only to roll through to avoid being a danger as I was continually passed on both sides.

D - I really liked my picture of you. I hate my phone tho. When my contract is up with AT&T in August I'll take non-stop pictures of your nasal hairs and eyeboogers @ JJPs. Grab/throw/stomp/break to heart's content.

Julian said...

I don't think I've ever been on a MWG that has been two abreast... evar.

The Car Whisperer said...

Well...two abreast the whole ride?? That's more than we can ask for, but we can still definitely self-police. At some point the ride becomes a victim of it's own success. The choice is to self-correct, let the police do it for us, or move on.

However, I think the ride is actually somewhat safer than in past years...for the most part. I remember my first time on the ride in August 07...full on attacks, riders 4 wide going through Winnetka - before the construction had begun. That road was mess then, and this was at rush hour.

allenpg said...

Now you know why I don't do group rides...:) Wait until you get pulled over for not RUNNING single-file...cops in Madison didn't have much crime back in the day.