"It never gets any easier. You just go faster." ---Greg Lemond
"Don't buy upgrades. Ride up grades." --- Eddy Merckx
"You drive like shit." ---The Car Whisperer


Hump Day 2: Beyond the Ennui

January 1st: 190 pounds (nine lighter than this time last year).

January 8th: 188 pounds.

The obsession begins. 56 Days.


I got a Venus razor. Took the maiden (so to speak) shave just now. Much better than the mug blades. No nicks, much faster, and very smooth.


There's a new coffee shop in the hood. I'm kind of excited about this one, after the disappointment of Heavenly.

Last May, that gelateria and coffee shop opened just up the street to great promise: organic gelato and ice cream, even vegan selections. Good espresso. Owned by an Olympic athlete and his family. A very friendly place to grab an after dinner or post-ride treat. Until they started not-being-open in the morning half the time I'd want a coffee heading to the train. And when they were open, the counter was manned by what seemed to be some sort of Teamster who'd only gotten job on union seniority. He would awkwardly come from around the counter to pour my coffee at the self-serve station, and then handle my cash and change with the dexterity of a four year-old running a lemonade stand. They've not been open since before Christmas. I haven't been back.

New Wave Coffee, just south of Logan on Milwaukee Ave, seems to have immediate staying power: a niche, the space to lounge, and the hours to accommodate. Yes, that's a Men At Work cover below. There are 80's LP covers framed throughout the entire store.

I've also finally been convinced that there are white hipsters living in Logan Square. Before, you just had to take the word of the people you'd meet in Wicker Park or Bucktown. Nothing like coffee, an 80's theme, and a large, safe space to bring us out into the light.

I want at least one ride to start at this shop this spring. These people could use some spandex and male camel toes in their mornings.




Tamara Fraser said...

I've been in that new coffee place too -- hope it survives. It has a sad lack of vegan options, but it just opened. And its not like I need a cupcake anyway. We're ALL standing on the scale daily and making notes.

Illinoisfrank said...

Wouldn't that be LOLCAT3?