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Blago's Senate trial starts Monday. He's been in the news the last couple of days whining about the fact that he won't get a fair trial.


A) It's not a civil trial

B) It's not a criminal trial sooooo...

C) Shut the fuck up about it and wait until the above actually happens to complain about fairness.

You've been using your position as the defender of the state constitution as your own personal lemonade stand and now suddenly you've started reading the fine print?! "And if it means I have to sacrifice myself to a higher cause, for the people of Illinois and for the principle of due process and the right to call witnesses, then so be it," Blagojevich said.

And you're Jesus?

I think Jesus would've been smart enough to file his objections to the evidence by the deadline. You instead when for a jog and whined to the press tailing you.

You constantly cite the "will of the people" who elected you. Trust me. You don't want to the turn the decision over to the people. You won't fair much better with us.

When all of this is written in the books, after however long you drag it out, I hope the sentence you receive after your "fair" trial reflects the pain and suffering you have inflicted on everyone. Those forced to endure your pompous, self-inflated pronouncements and declarations - and hair - on the news every night, instead of being blessed by you just going the fuck away - need to be considered.

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Jeff said...

At least he has the good sense to wear a Craft baselayer while jogging.