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"Don't buy upgrades. Ride up grades." --- Eddy Merckx
"You drive like shit." ---The Car Whisperer


Saving Private Brian

By the bottle rocket's red glare, that is some firepower out there tonight.

I felt like a World War One bicycle courier riding home. I am just not into fireworks like I used to be. When I was a little kid, the 4th used to be one of my favorite holidays. Even in the virtually 24 light of the Alaskan summer, I couldn't wait to for the day to reach it's dusky nadir and go sit in the parking lot of the downtown junion high school to watch the show.

I remember the last time I bought fireworks, at that Black Cat store between Racine and Milwaukee. It was 2 days before the 4th, they were offering everything in the store at 3 for 1, and the line came out the door. Cars were parked on cornfields, the knee-high stalks knocked askew. I think I spent maybe $70 or $80 for maybe 10 minutes of entertainment. One paper bag full. There were people walking out there with armloads, fucking shopping carts filled with pent-up, paper-wrapped potential carnage. I'm talking hundred of dollars. To be literally blown up.

And the bang show was good, okay, but in the end you just feel really stupid making a bunch of noise and being disproportionately cheaper for it.

So if I'm going to literally burn my money, I would rather have spent half that on a bag of really good shit, then light the rest of the bills to spark bowl after bowl after bowl. That would be much better way to spend an evening. Many evenings. Ha.

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