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Website of the Day

Let me preface this link with two items.

First, please refer to my post, back in April, regarding the giant inflatable Axe Body Spray can. I have no love at all for this particular sundry, or anyone who wears it, or anyone who is at all influenced to buy it based that incredibly obnoxious ad campaign.

Second, a coworker told me a story today about how she and her boyfriend saw the Axe Body Spray Car, apparently - complete with a vanity plate that read, "BCWW" (grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!), driven by five Axe Body Spray bimbos. They parked the car at Walgreen's in order to have lunch at Portillo's across the street.

I guess the manager at Walgreen's wears TAG.

But, forget all that. And feast...your eyes...on THIS:


Anonymous said...

The headset she's wearing is hot!

The Car Whisperer said...

The headset is hot. In fact, the sole reason for Brittany's astonishing fame.