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Fat Bottomed Girls

Last year I purchased a mint copy of Queen's Jazz off of ebay. I wanted the Bicycle Races poster that came with it.

I am finally getting it framed.

Having a really rough day at work today, and I am listening to "FBG" right now, via iTunes. Nothing picks me up faster. But I will also note that this LP is one of the best sounding recordings I have. It's richer than fresh gelato and deeper than the Grand Canyon. It's so alive with sound my living room is literally shaking. And sometimes I just like to open the album casing and stare at the 2 cover spread picture of their recording studio, and drool. But not as much as over the poster.


Anonymous said...

PLEASE POST IT BIGGER!!!!! I used to have that album but it left

Listening to Queen today on You Tube.

The Car Whisperer said...

hmmmm...if you click on the actual file is visable. I will see if I can find a bigger one. My actual poster I have framed is in mint condition. On race day I stare at it and listen to "Diesel Power" by Prodigy.

takkeherrie said...

Here is a bigger one:
(Just remove the ugly logo in the left lower corner)
In fact I'm having a poster made about 1,5 to 2 times bigger than the original poster (lying in front of me now) for a friend of mine, a big cycling fan who's turning 50. And yes: it is an awesome recording!
Fat Bottomed Girls! (ride 'em!)