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Let's Go to the Races!!!

Hi Friends,

As you all know, at the great risk of life and limb, I have taken up the sport of bike racing this summer. It has certainly had it's ups and downs, crash-ups and beat-downs, top-tens and tap-outs. It's been a ton of fun through it all, and I'll always look back on my first year in "real" cycling and not have to wonder, "what if" or have one ounce of regret. Except for that urine test.

And so I invite you to come and see the fruits of my labors, this Saturday, 8/25 in Sherman Park, on Chicago's Southside for xXx Racing's annual Sherman Park Criterium. There could hardly be a more beautiful location for a bike race in the city, as this park was designed for it. I will be racing twice on Saturday: At 8:45 and 1:30. In between I will be volunteering and watching many other exciting heats. There are races for beginners such as myself, and for women and men of all levels, including the Pros. See the links before the locations and schedule.

It would really mean a lot for you to come and show some support. Bike racing is hard. REALLY hard, and having friends on the sideline cheering really makes a difference.

See you Saturday!

Click here for Location

Click here for Schedule


BikeSnobNYC said...

Here's wishing you the best. Looks like a 3/4 crit, no? Just remember, "Sit in to win."


The Car Whisperer said...

Thanks Bike Snob. That's my plan for the Masters 4/5...I need to dish out some dimes in the 3/4 however. I plan on pulling at 110% that last of that race, stringing it out at 30+...