"It never gets any easier. You just go faster." ---Greg Lemond
"Don't buy upgrades. Ride up grades." --- Eddy Merckx
"You drive like shit." ---The Car Whisperer


Random Friday

The day started off with a bit of irony. On my way to my chiropractic appointment, no less, I was nearly crunched by an errant taxicab, backing out of an alley at careless speed. It was topped by an advertising billboard I myself had produced.

The morning was saved by a some great spinal adjustment and this poignant moment: as I was unlocking my bike from the appointment, a woman recognized my xXx kit and introduced herself to me.

"Hi, I'm Shara. I knew Beth."

The pain from the previous weeks that faded with the heat of the summer and racing came flooding back. But, in her face I suddenly saw Beth's smile - that I had only known for a week, but with her untimely passing it will be with me forever - and so I took her extended hand and said, "I'm Brian. Pleased to meet you." Shara had lived in the same building with Beth and had gone running with her on several occasions. She told me she loved watching the xXx peleton pass by on Saturday mornings for the team ride, and she passed on her best wishes for all of us. I left for work feeling just a bit blessed and lucky for having received that little gift. At the risk of being saccharine...much like hearing a symphony, or reading a book, it's the memories and your legacy, not matter how small and insignificant, that keep us all alive forever.

Perhaps it was this good feeling, that stayed with me throughout the day, that gave me such a proud moment on my way from my post-work work-out (heh heh heh). As I was leaving Logan Square heading North on Kedzie, an SUV (of course) roared past me, the driver stoking it's engine as though it were a penis-extension (probably needed), and "get on the sidewalk, asshole!" came flying out like a piece of litter. I up-shifted, and began chase.

I missed catching up with him at both lights of the Belmont/Edens intersection, and thought, just as well, considering the last time a driver used that language with me, but then I got lucky with the red light at Elston. Completely cool, mindful of the uniform I was wearing, I pulled up to the right of his compensator, and calmly said, "Driving on the sidewalk is illegal, Sir."

"Get the fuck out of the road, loser. Yer gonna get yourself killed!"

Normally, this would have sent me into a frothing rage. But the magical powers of the xXx kit had my central nervous system in it's complete control. "Well, Sir, if you would drive with a little more respect and care, everyone around could be safe, no matter what they drive. Also..." as I pointed to the Shared Lane w/Bicycles sign that was serendipitously right next me, "...we all have a right to the road." And then, as the light changed and I pulled away on the shoulder to pass all the bumper to bumper traffic with ease, I left him with, "Share the road. Have a nice day, Sir!" I suppose he was left stewing behind, stuck in the traffic jam.

I'm off to enjoy a couple beers with a friend, so I'll leave with this: No! REALLY?! (And check out the review from The Onion, AV Club. Best. Blurb. Ever.)

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