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Ah, Roma!

Today's post is a flashback. Exactly one year ago today, I was on my first (and only, so far) trip to Rome. (Note, some of these pics are cut off, just click through to see the full image, if so.)

And off we go!

Roma, Bin 8, 1024
Bin # 8 to Rome.

Mat il trano
Almost there...

Our first view of Rome, outside Statzione Termini

The Hostel
"Hey! Shutta your-r-r-r kid up-pa, eh?! He-a playin' the saxomaphone all-a day-a long-a! Pasta fazzule!"

Hostel Piazza
Courtyard of our hostel. A private room with 2 bed, bath, bidet (well, a hose out of the wall but it got your ass just as clean), breakfast included, at only 12.5 Eu a night.

The Room
Nice, room, eh?

The Creation of Man - Jigsaw
"The Creation of Man" the jigsaw puzzle, framed on the wall of our room.

The Roman Subway
Roman subway.

The Collosseum, First Glance
"Dov'e posso comprare bigletti di calcio por AS Roma?" After leaving the hostel we set out to try and find tickets to the soccer match that night between AS Roma and Lyon. We found out that the game was almost sold out, and the cheapest available seats were 85eu, almost $120. We decided against it, and lucky for us, because the game later that evening ended in a scoreless tie. We decided to hit the sights, instead.We've all heard the phrase, "It took my breath away." But it's so cliché it doesn't really mean anything. This was sight that greeted us as we walked out the exit of the "Coloseo" subways station. I sucked in my breath with a tight "whoosh" and held it for a few seconds as it registered that I was really looking The Collosseum.

Constantines Arch, AD 313
The Arch of Constantine, outside of The Forum.

The Arch of Titus
The entrance to the Forum

The Temple of Saturn
The Temple of Saturn (huge!)

The Forum

Roman Hot Dog
A Roman hot dog, purchased at a snack cart just outside the forum (along with a 32 oz Peroni!)

Phil Peroni
Phil. Beer. Rome.

Monumento Vittorio Emmanuel II
Il Monumento Vittorio Emmanuel. Here's a video of Piazza di Bonaparte.

Outside the Pantheon
The Pantheon.

Mat Brian at the Pantheon

Roman Scooters
A typical Roman street, lined with scooters.

Wine in Rome
Il vino.

My Italian Namesake
Note the street name above the hospital sign.

Phil at the Bar
Watching the first half of the Nice v AS Roma match.

Brian at the Bar

Pizza later, second half
Our 2nd dinner of the night, 2nd half of the match.

The Elle MacPherson ad was placed directly across the street from a Communist Party office.

at the last bar
Around 2am, chatting with some German tourists.

Collosseum at Night

Buona notte!
Buono notte!

Free Espresso!

Vatican Museums line 2
The line for the Vatican Museum. I have 3 other pictures of this. It was nearly a mile long at 11am. We were slackers and had to skip it.

St. Peter's Square 16x
Piazza di San Pietro. Click here for the video.

St. Peter's Basilica
St. Peter's Cathedral.

St. Peter's Square Brian
Mustache rides in St. Peter's Square.

Inside St. Peter's 3
The church was literally lined in gold. The collection plate ain't getting another dime from me.

Inside St. Peter's Brian

St. Peter's Altar

St. Peter's under the dome

The Line for the Dome
The line for the dome. Baby chicken is getting impatient.

Halfway up the Dome

Tight Fit
It was a tight squeeze getting up there...

Rome from St. Peter's Dome
A thousand words.

Phil and Rome
Phil, I'm lost in your eyes like a big pizza pie.

Baby Chicken inside the Collosseum
Back at the Colosseum, baby chicken can barely contain herself.

Collosseum and Senate at Dusk

Fontana di Trevi
La Fontana di Trevi. Make a wish!

Antipasta di Anchiovi
Antipasti di Anchiovi

Ravioli e il Vino della Casa
Primera, ravioli

Baby Chicken's had a bit too much

Il Pesce e l'aleo e potati
Secondi, fish with garlic and potatoes.

Where does the table cloth end?

Circus Maximus
Circus Maximus, site of the chariot races...you could almost hear the crowd's roar.

World Cup Graffiti
World Cup graffiti.

I loved the random temples around the city.

At the Andy Warhol bar...

Death of a President
Now playing.

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