"It never gets any easier. You just go faster." ---Greg Lemond
"Don't buy upgrades. Ride up grades." --- Eddy Merckx
"You drive like shit." ---The Car Whisperer


Monday Schmunday

Roger Clemens is using a statement/affidavit from whom to plead his innocence? I've said it before and I'll say it again. I would just rather not compete than have the compulsion to cheat to win, and I don't understand those who choose the reciprocal. In the end everything you've achieved is cheap and dirty and unwanted - like a Boyhill couch found in a thrift store, except it has a shit stain on it. The benefit of all this whole torturous exercise - from cycling to baseball to the Olympics - is that the younger generation is learning a valuable lesson: it's better to lose clean than to win dirty. That said, you can rip on cycling all you want for doping scandals, but at least they are dealing with the issue up front now - which is far more than you can say for any of the American sporting leagues. And sadly, as long as sponsorship money continues to have the level of influence it does, there will always be cheaters. Hell, even with out the money. Maybe we'll just go back to the days of nitrogylcerin, brandy, and bull testicles.


A friend of mine brought his rollers over to my apartment for a 2 hour workout yesterday, in from the -2 F tempuratures outside. We agreed to switch after an hour and I'd try the rollers. Ummmm, no. As a kid I was a late bloomer in learning how to ride a bike (although it didn't help that I was using a gigantic Schwinn Stingray that was way to big), but I've never had good hand-eye coordination. I just flopped and flailed on this thing, never able to find my balance, or even let go of the door jamb. My body told me I was moving forward, but my brain said, "no yer not!" It was pathetic. And a revelation. Imagine how much better my bike skills will be once I master this thing...

Wow my blood has really thinned. I rode home yesterday morning on a 2 mile route and my hands, in lobster gloves, were getting painfully numb. When I was growing up in Alaska, we had school canceled for weather exactly twice. In the 4th grade classes were called on account that it was -50 F outside. At that temperature, any more than a few seconds of direct exposure and your flesh is gonna start resembling freezedried ice cream. And we regularly waited for the bus in -20. And nobody made a big deal about wind chill. If you were stupid enough to go outside with exposed skin that would be affected by wind, you got what you deserved. If you talked about wind chill you were called a pussy. The second time classes were canceled was in the 7th grade: we received over 3 feet of snow over night and we spent the day digging out cars parked along the street for $5 each.

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