"It never gets any easier. You just go faster." ---Greg Lemond
"Don't buy upgrades. Ride up grades." --- Eddy Merckx
"You drive like shit." ---The Car Whisperer


Non-sequitur Poetry Day

An Ode to My Cereal Bowl in Haiku
Tall walls satisfy
A deep place to dig my spoon
You’re my treasure chest

My face grew lines while I stood there alone
As she grew faint in rays strained through my hand.
Abandoned, lost and left to find my own,
I soon was lost within the blowing sand.
Through choking clouds I searched for higher ground
My footprints leading back were long since gone.
I climbed to get above the wind and found
The endless days with eyes on the horizon.
Once told the comforting tales of those who’d sinned,
I realized the purpose of my journey:
The heat of the sun and the painful stinging wind
And the shelter only she could ever give me.
Amid sweet dew and flowers, free from fears,
We filled the ocean with joyous, salty tears.

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