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Thursday Hate

All the porta-potty usage during Superweek has gotten me thinking about a vile form of behavior that I have noticed lately and led to some rage-ahol on some related issues as well.

All that “stuff” in there needs to be dumped at a treatment facility upon being turned around for reuse. Trash is incompatible with the process at the treatment facility.

So why am I constantly seeing trash (soda cans, bottles, food containers) dropped into the shit receptacle? All you are doing with your selfish behavior is ensuring someone else is going to have to don a hazmat suit and filter it out, thus adding a whole step to the process of cleaning these fucking things – which drives up the cost of operation and overhead, and then increasing the rental charge, and finally, your race fee, tickets, etc.

Even worse, the people who put there trash in the urinal part. Where at the very least it clogs up of the drain, and at worst, someone is going to have to pick it out of there at the end of the day.

Please stop dumping your trash in the porta-potties, you selfish assholes.

This leads me, however, to an even grosser, even more selfish act.

There is no lower form of life on the planet than the person who spits their gum into urinals. The gum, of course, will not fit through the drain, and again, you are doing nothing except ensuring that someone else, who more than likely makes a lot less money that you, is going to have to reach into the receptacle that hundreds of people piss into day and day out and remove your fucking piece of gum that you couldn’t be bothered to spit into the trash can that is probably less than five feet away from where you are standing, pissing, as you hum the melody to “I Kissed a Girl.”

That gum doesn’t just disappear once you stop seeing it. This goes for assholes who put their gum under desks, on subways seats, and on the weight machines at the gym.

Please think of somebody besides yourself for change.


Tee said...

I love the passion bro...as a guy who has to clean and pump the shit out of NYC Porta Potties I commend you and support a revolution of showing a little respect...

darkhorse said...

I always deposit my used gum and trash in the corners and duct work of this blog. You don't mind do you?

The Car Whisperer said...

Hmmmmmm, it somehow appeared on my front tire at the end of Tuesday's race.